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About Us

Award winning, Australian designed and owned, Enjoy® Lighting is widely recognised as the most realistic flameless candles in the world.

Create magic in your home with Enjoy® Classic Ivory flameless wax pillars, votives and tapers. Whether lighting up the stairwell, defining a hallway or as a table centerpiece, Classic Ivory flameless candles are the embodiment of sophisticated glamour. Eye catching en masse and highly versatile, Classic Ivory flameless candles can be displayed in a cornucopia of inventive design ideas that will bring a light boosting sparkle and dreamy elegance to every setting.

Australian designed and owned, these beautiful handmade candles will enhance any décor, especially if grouped together for a mass display, and are completely safe for all age groups. Casting dancing shadows just like a real flame, the realistic “flicker” mimics real burning candles but without compromising safety or ambience. Just watch your friends try to blow them out...seriously! And the timer function can be set for dinner parties, as a nightlight for children’s bedrooms, on your windowsill when you travel or to welcome you home after a long day. Just set and forget.

The choice of leading stylists, designers, architects and celebrities, no wonder the discerning homewares consumer asks for Enjoy® by name. We lit up the night sky for Isabel Marant’s BBQ Party in LA, Bureau Betak requested our candles three years in a row (2017 - 2015) for the Dior Guggenheim International Gala in the Guggenheim Museum, New York; and closer to home, we are the preferred mood lighting for many 5 star restaurants and hotels. We’ve helped love blossom (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Farmer Wants a Wife), we were the candle of choice for The Logies In Memoriam Section, and early 2016 we travelled with Prince for his candles and piano tour; which demonstrates the high level of quality and realism that Enjoy® candles offer.

Enjoy® wax pillars are unscented and crafted by hand from virgin paraffin wax. The unbelievable realistic candle flicker created by their Triple LED™ technology casts dancing shadows just like a real flame. Enjoy® flameless candles are completely safe and provide the ultimate in relaxed ambience with their inbuilt Set it & Forget it™ 4hr, 6hr and 8hr multi timer which once set, will automatically switch the candles on every night without lifting a finger. Economical as well as stunning, all size pillars require only 2 AA batteries for an extended 450 hours battery life.

Features and benefits of an Enjoy® flameless pillar

•  Handmade and hand carved from virgin paraffin wax; made in a traditional candle factory, so no 2 candles are identical, which all adds to the realism.
•  Available in either Smooth, Distressed, Handpainted, Embossed, Embellished, Carrara Marble inspired design and Linen textured finishes; invest in the design once and you'll enjoy it "alight" night after night
•  Each pillar features the patented triple LED light source; casts dancing shadows, just like a real candle burning, only safer.
•  Realistic melted top edge; looks like a real candle, but never burns down.
•  Very realistic flame-like flicker; with a more translucent brighter glow that looks and feels like a real candle - just watch your guests try to blow them out.
•  Each pillars has an inbuilt 4hr, 6hr or 8hr timer options; enjoy convenient instant mood lighting without lifting a finger, have your candles turn on and off at the same time every day until the batteries require changing.
•  Each pillars requires only 2AA batteries to operate (Energizer recommended, not included), which will last more than 450 hours; if operated on the 4 hr timer mode, you only need to change your batteries 4 times a year, and will save on your annual traditional candle spend.
•  The candles featured at the house or Flameless have the upgraded new technology microchip (Gen 5) means a warmer brighter glow for the first 168 hours and then a more consistent glow for the remaining 288 hours, before you need to change the batteries.

Enjoy® wax votives are unscented and hand poured from virgin paraffin wax. The single LED light source has a flame-like flicker that includes 1 x CR2032 battery, which will last 96 hours.

Enjoy® wax tapers are unscented and dipped in virgin paraffin wax with a natural dripped finish. The single LED light source has a flame-like flicker that requires 2 AAA batteries for an extended 300 hour battery life.