Creating ambience in your home with candles

Your home is more than just your haven; it’s a reflection of your unique personality and style.

The atmosphere you choose for every space will always depend on the occasion. Through simple mood lighting design choices using flameless candles, you can decide the atmosphere for every space effortlessly.

We’ve listed our top recommendations for the perfect candles to suit every occasion.

Flameless Candles set into a bowl with decorative greenery


Transforming your home into a charming, romantic atmosphere relies on enticing the senses.

Our bodies are very sensitive to light, not to mention that ow-light settings also dilate our pupils which is a sign of attraction, excitement and love.  

An elegant window candle or flameless flickering candle sitting on a book shelf (…and bedside table!) can create a playful and stimulating cloud around you, elevating the senses.

Battery operated candles can be placed anywhere in a room without the melted wax mess or consequences of being knocked over in the heat of passion!

Our precious metal collection is made up of earthy tones and eye-catching hand painted designs that emanate romance. And with our remote-control candles, you never have to leave the moment!

hands making heart shape with flickering candles in background


It’s been a long day after a long week and you just want to put your feet up and sink into complete relaxation.

You might put your favourite music on, grab a glass of wine, and begin the wind- down from the day’s stressors. Adding flameless candles with a timer to your relaxation ritual is the perfect fit, eliminating any stress of the fire hazards caused by real flames if you doze off or forget about them before bed. Your candle will simply turn itself off!

The dimmed atmosphere cast by candlelight tells our brains to relax and calm the body as we approach night. Pairing this with other calming activities like a nice, hot bath will create the ultimate aura of tranquillity around you.  

The Enjoy platinum collection features beautiful candle designs to suit your décor, each with a 4hr, 6hr, and 8hr timer option.

 woman relaxing in chair

Candlelight Dining

Ambience is at the top of the priority list for any quality restaurant. We all have a memory of going to a venue that has mastered the art of atmosphere in creating the perfect balance of décor, service, and lighting for diners. They usually all feature one thing in common; candlelight.  

Cultivating that same feeling from your dining room at home is easily achieved.

Flameless taper candles are a stunning addition to your dinner table and enhance the experience for you and your guests. For more intimate dinners, battery operated tealights offer the ideal accompaniment to your table without burning the tablecloth or your hand as you pass the salt. The scentless aspect of battery candles won’t steal the limelight of your delicious culinary creations either!

You can find everything you need for the perfect candlelight dinner in our Everyday Essentials collection.

elegant dining setting with cluster of enjoy flameless candles

Special occasions

Any event that means something special to you always calls for planning with a personal touch. Special occasions leave us with memories that last a lifetime, of the atmosphere that made us feel a certain way.

Weddings, engagements, baby showers, milestone birthdays and any special occasion you’ll share with friends and family can be accompanied by the gentle welcoming of candles. The elegance and sophistication of flameless pillar candles and LED tealights offer the ambient lighting your event needs without any fire risks or being hindered by the weather.

We recommend our Carrara Marble and Artisan designs to offer classic beauty with a touch of bold flare to your special occasion.