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Candlelight Dining

Beautiful ambience in a restaurant with Enjoy Flameless Candles, set and forget timer technology.

Ambience is at the top of the priority list for any quality restaurant. We all have a memory of going to a venue that has mastered the art of atmosphere in creating the perfect balance of décor, service, and lighting for diners. They usually all feature one thing in common; candlelight.  

Cultivating that same feeling from your dining room at home is easily achieved.

Flameless taper candles are a stunning addition to your dinner table and enhance the experience for you and your guests. For more intimate dinners, battery operated tealights offer the ideal accompaniment to your table without burning the tablecloth or your hand as you pass the salt. The scentless aspect of battery candles won’t steal the limelight of your delicious culinary creations either!

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Enjoy Lighting flameless candles create the ambience at any event.

Special occasions

Any event that means something special to you always calls for planning with a personal touch. Special occasions leave us with memories that last a lifetime, of the atmosphere that made us feel a certain way.

Weddings, engagements, baby showers, milestone birthdays and any special occasion you’ll share with friends and family can be accompanied by the gentle welcoming of candles. The elegance and sophistication of flameless pillar candles and LED tealights offer the ambient lighting your event needs without any fire risks or being hindered by the weather.

Enjoy Lighting flameless candles are the go to for major international event experts:

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elegant dining setting with cluster of enjoy flameless candles