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The Botanicals

Bring your home to life.  Our Botanical inspired candle designs will bring instant visual interest and texture to your space―not to mention the fact that these flameless little achievers look fabulous when turned on creating a transparent glow showcasing their designs even more.

The Botanical Collection from Enjoy Lighting® is the newest range of flameless candles. Inspired by the brand’s love of all things botanical, the candles evoke a sense of calm that brings that relaxed feeling of coastal luxe to your home. This look most definitely lends itself to plenty of texture. Shabby timbers weathered and raw finishes all complement the natural botanical feel.

You’ll notice that elements of black and marble are featured throughout these designs as it brings a sense of modernity and crispness allowing them to be pared back with Enjoy Lighting® Nordic White Smooth, Carrara Marble or the Caviar Black Distressed candles.

The idea of bringing black into the fold allows this look to become less casual and effortless and a little more refined. The composition of fusing a few solid colours like a cool white, fresh green and black makes for the ideal light and airy feel of coastal luxe.

This new Botanical Collection is available in three different styles and pillars in limited sizes.

Mimosa―Available in two sizes, 3.1x4 and 3.1x6-inch flameless candles, sold either in sets of four of the same size, as a mixed duo in Luxury Gift Box or in a Vignette, its design taking inspiration from lush green whole tropical leaves with the addition of oily marble design elements making this style interestingly detailed in its appearance.  

Mimosa Stripe―Available in two sizes, 3.1x4 available in Vignettes or as a set of four, and the 4x6-inch flameless candles, sold in a set of two. With the full design elements of Mimosa but fractures its pattern using an organic imperfect stripe, this in turn creates an interesting visual effect allowing it to be pared back with the Mimosa flameless candle.

Panama―Only available in a 4x6-inch flameless candle, sold in a set of two. This design inspiration comes from the big luscious Monsteria plant with its leathery, glossy, heart-shaped leaves and the colour palette of forest green combined with black oily textural effect makes for a stunning design.

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