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Everyday Neutrals

Timeless design is neither avant-garde, fussy, ornate nor opulent.. Quietly understated, sophisticated and simple, this style is designed to be highly functional, never bland or boring. Timeless style is not driven by trends, it is subtle, adaptable and outlasts. It belongs to both its space and its environment.

Timeless design has staying power, which is why Enjoy® Lighting flameless candles are not a fad or a trend; they are a lifestyle choice.   

Create a timeless look in your home by seeking designs, styles and colours that are considered to be 'classic', created to last in style, colour and materials.

This is why Enjoy's Classic Ivory and Nordic White Smooth flameless candles are the core of their range. Functional and practical, the collection radiates a quiet confidence. Available in five pillar sizes plus a votive, they are all perfectly scaled and proportioned. Classic Ivory Flameless candles add ambience without overpowering a room and are not too small as to seem unimportant. Eye catching en masse and highly versatile, Classic Ivory flameless candles will enhance any décor, especially if grouped together for a striking visual impact.

Trends may come and go however the classic style just like that of the Ancient Roman’s and Greeks will always stay true.. Classic. Timeless. Elegant. Inspired by classic styling and elegance but packed with the newest generation in technology, Enjoy's beautiful Classic Ivory flameless candles are hand made from virgin paraffin wax and sit tall in its extensive product range.

Enjoy the warm glow of natural candlelight completely worry free, whether you're decorating a home, or preparing for a special event, these candles will give you the most stunning real candle glow for any occasion and the best thing, they are totally safe.  

Classic Ivory coupled with Nordic White are part of Enjoy Lighting's Everyday Neutrals collection. Neutrals provide a strong presence in traditional home décor. Accentuate your space without overpowering it, which explains why Classic Ivory flameless candles are coveted by hotel and hospitality groups, interior designers, stylists, wedding and event planners and celebrities.  

With an export business to over 15 countries the company is also proud to rub shoulders with some of the greats by lighting up Bureau Betak’s recent Dior Guggenheim International Gala in the Guggenheim Museum, New York (www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ljl6yunTAg) which Enjoy Lighting has done for the past three years in a row, an honour bestowed upon the family business that is not taken for granted.

The award winning flameless candles are Australian designed and owned. Enjoy's trade marked, triple LED technology replicates the most realistic candle flicker on the market. Each of the candles mimic a real candle in both form and function, just without the flame or mess unlike real candles.

Enjoy flameless candles are completely safe and come with an inbuilt “Set it and Forget it”™ timer functionality which, once set on the desired duration, will automatically switch on every night to create instant mood lighting without you having to lift a finger.

Economical as well as stunning, only two AA batteries are required to offer more than 450 hours for instant mood lighting. No wonder the discerning consumer asks for Enjoy® by name.

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